Tuning and Repair


Your piano is full of moving parts. The felt in the piano will wear and wooden parts will be affected by constant use and humidity changes. Eventually the piano won't feel like it's playing right. A complete regulation can get your piano back into shape. Sometimes it might be just a few notes that have gotten bad and need adjustment. Some common problems are dampers that aren't working correctly, hammers that bounce when played and hammers "blocking" against the strings. (The hammer stops against the string when the key is pressed) Or it might be something as simple as a dropped pencil in the action. 

If your piano has regulating problems please let me know when scheduling a tuning so we can address these issues.


Broken hammer shanks, loose pins, missing dampers are all common problems that can be fixed so your piano can work properly. Many repairs can be done at the tuning appointment. Others might require parts be ordered or need to be done in the shop. Let me know if you have problems that might need repair and I will get your piano back in working order.